Crown Books for Young Readers: Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

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Join Us at 826 New Orleans for a Wonderful Author Event - This is a Ticketed Event.

02/03/2020 - 6:00PM

                                                          Purchase Ticket    826 New Orleans presents Origin Stories, a discussion with New Orleanian writers featuring Sarah M. Broom and Jami Attenberg - This is a Ticketed Event.  All ticket proceeds go to the free youth writing programs at 826 New Orleans. About this...

Erin Hunter (aka Gillian Phillip): Bravelands: The Spirit Eaters (#5)

02/06/2020 - 6:00PM

Thursday, February 6th 6-7:30PM Set in the African savannah and told from three different animals points of view, Bravelands will thrill readers who love Spirit Animals and Wings of Fire. True evil has come to Bravelands... Only hope will drive it out... As the new Great Father, the young baboon, Thorn, hopes to guide Bravelands to peace after a period of great turmoil. But a pack of rogue wolves lurks among the Great Herd, committing acts so evil they threaten to shatter that peace...

Julie Kane: Mothers of Ireland: Poems

02/09/2020 - 1:30PM

Sunday, February 9th 1:30-3PM Celebrated poet Julie Kane returns to her Boston Irish Catholic roots in this collection about mothers and daughters shaped by the forces of Irish history and Irish-American culture. Mothers of Ireland confronts how the legacy of personal trauma gets passed down to subsequent generations, with a focus on women from her family history and their paths of both pain and endurance. Kane’s verse reverberates with the lives of her ancestors and the lasting impacts of...

Garden District Book Shop Book Club

02/12/2020 - 6:00PM

Join us for the discussion the second Wednesday of every month.   New Members are always welcome.  Purchase book in-store for a 20% discount.

Amy Bonnaffons: The Regrets

03/01/2020 - 2:00PM

Sunday, March 1st 2-3:30PM For weeks, Rachel has been noticing the same golden-haired young man sitting at her Brooklyn bus stop, staring off with a melancholy air. When, one day, she finally musters the courage to introduce herself, the chemistry between them is undeniable: Thomas is wise, witty, handsome, mysterious, clearly a kindred spirit. There's just one tiny problem: He's dead. Stuck in a surreal limbo governed by bureaucracy, Thomas is unable to "cross over" to the afterlife until he...

Andy Davidson: The Boatman's Daughter

03/06/2020 - 6:00PM

Friday, March 6th 6-7:30PM Ever since her father was killed when she was just a child, Miranda Crabtree has kept her head down and her eyes up, ferrying contraband for a mad preacher and his declining band of followers to make ends meet and to protect an old witch and a secret child from harm. But dark forces are at work in the bayou, both human and supernatural, conspiring to disrupt the rhythms of Miranda’s peculiar and precarious life. And when the preacher makes an unthinkable demand, it...

Garden District Book Shop Book Club

03/11/2020 - 6:00PM

Join us for the discussion the second Wednesday of every month.   New Members are always welcome.  Purchase book in-store for a 20% discount.

Emily Nemens in Conversation with Joshua Wheeler: The Cactus League

03/16/2020 - 6:00PM

Monday, March 16th 6-7:30PM Jason Goodyear is the star outfielder for the Los Angeles Lions, stationed with the rest of his team in the punishingly hot Arizona desert for their annual spring training. Handsome, famous, and talented, Goodyear is nonetheless coming apart at the seams. And the coaches, writers, wives, girlfriends, petty criminals, and diehard fans following his every move are eager to find out why―as they hide secrets of their own. Humming with the energy of a ballpark before...

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